Kodak Magnus Q400 III Quantum – B2 CTP – from 2014 – few plates done.

Kort tekst: Kodak Magnus 400 III year 2015 Platesetter with autoloader, punch for Heidelberg and Komori - few plates done - with complet workflow.


Fast, flexible platesetting
Kodak Magnus 400 III Platesetters offer productivity, quality,
and ease of use for printing operations of all sizes. From the base
model to the fully-automated, high-speed Kodak Magnus 400
III Quantum Platesetter, every device delivers stable, accurate
imaging and industry-renowned performance. A small footprint
saves valuable floor space, and a large drum size gives you the
flexibility to image an extensive range of 2- to 6-page plates.
Automated productivity and
cost saving modularity
The Magnus 400 III Platesetter’s advanced features and
modular options can increase efficiency in every aspect
of platemaking. In addition to its standard capabilities,
the platesetter offers ease-of-use improvements through
a multilanguage option (with 9 operating languages),
autorecovery mechanism, and gigabit Ethernet communication
for enhanced file management. The ContinuousLoad built-in
standard option provides nonstop platemaking and a punch
option helps make plates ready for press. You can easily
upgrade to the single or multi-cassette unit for unattended
operation through completely automated plate loading, slip
sheet removal, and inline punch. A bypass feature allows quick
plate remakes.
Choices to meet your specific needs
Magnus 400 III Platesetter models are cost-effective choices
for high speed, high-quality imaging up to 22 plates per hour.
The top-of-the-line Magnus 400 III Quantum Platesetter
images an impressive 38 plates per hour, and features Kodak
squarespot Imaging Technology for greater process stability,
and photorealistic printing with an option for 10- or 20-micron
Kodak Staccato Screening. Full automation makes it a powerful,
productive device.
Cost-saving, environmentally-conscious
non process plates
Magnus 400 III Platesetters support Kodak Sonora XP Process
Free Plates and other processless plates, so you can reduce
costs and impact on the environment by eliminating chemistry
and your plate processor. In addition, a power save mode on
the platesetter enables you to reduce power consumption to an
insignificant value when the machine isn’t running.
Seamless integration with
Kodak Workflow Solutions
Tight integration with Kodak Workflow Systems enables a
completely automated prepress solution. Third-party workflow
systems are easily integrated.