Thermal Laminator

Kort tekst: JUPITER 35 Thermal Laminating System.


35 H – 1400mm W – 1200mm L – 1950mm
35 – 850kg
Electrical requirements
35 – 3 phase, 380v-415v, 7kw
Air requirements 15 cfm @ 100 psi dry air
Pile height 840mm
Maximum recommended stock Up to 600 gsm, 450 gsm for optimum results
Minimum recommended stock 115gs, (90gsm if re-wind available)
Maximum sheet size
35 – 540mm x 760mm
Minimum sheet size 200mm x 200mm
35 – Up to 40m per minute
Core size 75mm (3”)
Heating 35  – Sealed Oil Filled Roller
Weight of stock on fully loaded
feeder C 400kg
Average power consumption 5 kw
Feeder Yes
Separator Yes
In-line slitting Yes